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PE01702: Counselling provision in all Schools


Petitioner: Joanne Waddell


Closing Date for Online Petition: 03 September 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure that by 2022, all pupils will have access to trained counsellors in schools. 

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Comments (84)

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Why this is not provided, is a complete mystery to me. We need to support our young people, to grow and develop into health and mature adults

Martin MacGregor

9:45 on 17 Aug 2018

Help our children help themselves.

Roman Depaulitte

20:53 on 16 Aug 2018

I think that there is a great need to have counselling available in schools. It can save lives. Children's lives.

Kathryn Goose

17:51 on 16 Aug 2018

We should definitely look at working with charities who use volunteers trained in listening. Listenwell Scotland being one!

Kathy Chappelle

13:56 on 16 Aug 2018

there is a great need for children to be given counselling in schools.

denise millen

11:53 on 16 Aug 2018

Help in time saves lives.

Mary McCann

8:06 on 11 Aug 2018

Plaxe2be has been a Godsend in our primary school! Trained counsellors support children with emotional and mental health issues from the age of 7 ! Parents can access counselling in relation to all sorts of issues including domestic abuse, drug abuse , all sorts of aces support. They advise staff , provide strategies for teachers and communication between parents. More and more kids need help !

Karlyn Ronnie

23:02 on 10 Aug 2018

As a medic working with children J have seen first hand what a difference the right support at the right time can make. Counselling can be an invaluable and cost effective intervention.

Dr Catherine Jury

18:32 on 10 Aug 2018

If the Scottish Government truly want to raise attainment then the correct therapeutic services should be available and easily accessible within schools to support children in ways the class teachers are not trained or qualified to do. Many children living with ACEs and Learning needs suffer poor mental, emotional well-being. Trying to gain access to agencies such as CAMHS is like trying to reach the pit of gold at the end of a rainbow. Children and young people need fast access to services when the need arises, 6 months later is TOO LATE.

Leanne McLoone

16:03 on 10 Aug 2018

As a foster carer I am appalled at the lack of support and counselling that there is in schools for children. Every child deserves the right to be heard.


13:50 on 10 Aug 2018

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