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PE01803: Right to Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)

Petitioner: Dr Eurig Scandrett on behalf of Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign


Date Lodged: 23 April 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to support the right of public bodies and institutions in Scotland to debate, (and where democratically supported) to endorse and implement Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against foreign countries and those who trade with them.

Petition History:

Do you agree the responsibility for governance of public bodies in Scotland should remain with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament?

Should the UK Government be able to “stop public institutions from imposing their own approach or views about international relations”?

As it was for the previous anti-apartheid movement in solidarity with the people of South Africa, BDS is a peaceful, democratic means to support the rights of the Palestinian people and it has been their expressed call for BDS that underpins this solidarity.

Tam Dean Burn

10:20 on 18 Apr 2020

The issue of consumers and Public Authorities direct action is important, because often Public Authorities higher organisations are not properly accountable for their errors, and or are a part of an unhealthy system, demanding the delivery inferior and damaging services and goods. The issues may be too cumberson and interlnked to maneuver away from a poor pubic policy decisions. The issues are not confined to the Human Rights protected classes, but related to any goods or services to the public which the informed publicand Authorities consider damaging to the public good. At moments of great change, it is the People on the ground who often advise those in power for the collective good, as to matters in need of change. As stated it is hard to change an unhealthy entrenched culture in Public Bodies and institutions. For instance, currently the public bodies appear unaware that there are very serious and major problems concerning global Monetary Market's subprime overleverage of both the Insurance Industries and the Pensions Industries. If the public and Public Bodiess become aware that change is needed, they will then be able to avert disaster. Thus it is wise and important that the 'on the grouund' public, and their own Public Authorities have a direct voice to vote with their feet for the Common good prior to real harm, and to ensure proper progress and a healthy culture.

Caroline Kenneil

9:54 on 18 Apr 2020

BDS is one of the few actions people can take against the cruelty of Zionism. While antisemitism is a crime anti Zionism is a right and a duty if you care about your fellow human beings.

Maggie Bowden

19:02 on 15 Apr 2020

Ethics. Freedom of speech. We will NEVER be silenced. The fact that Scotland isn't even an option in 'Country' says more than you realize.

Paul Shortt

14:53 on 15 Apr 2020

PEO01803 fundamentally relates to the local participation of 'reasonable people', through their local public aurthorities and institutions, (these designed for the common good), to proportionately express their considerations and ultimately local decisions applied to all manner of discriminatory and harmful practices or omissions conducted by powerful 'Appointees in position of power', by governments or by the law enforcing legal sector. This Petition is designed to protect individuals of differing religions, 'classes', races, animals and the environment from the ongoing abuse of powers and breaches of international law. Persons in positions of power often lose their proportionate, common sense and standards of natural justice. The established civilised test for Reasonableness is: "what or how would the reasonable person consider: vis xxx". Consumers have a right to be properly informed and to make reasonable decisions. The Reasonable persons are us and our local participating representatives. The Globe is not a closed system, but what take place in one part now effects another. Where our powerful 'Law Enforcers' have lost their common sense, act in conflicts of interest, we have a right to express our concerns, and when not listened to, we have a participatory right to exclude our collective local participation in such errors to boycot the damaging and harmful practices or omissions through our local representatives. Additional to being able to hold powerful and damaging Interests to reasonable account, when people feel unjustly unheard and damaged, then, they may turn to collective violence. So 'To Boycot' is to enable a reasonable and effective 'on the ground voice'. Most people want a voice for justice, honest, fair and equitable dealings be they tax payers, students, old age pensioners or other.

Caroline Kenneil

15:20 on 08 Apr 2020

BDS is a peaceful form of protest against Israeli state terrorism and the violation of human rights against the Palestinian people. Organisations and individuals should be allowed the right to peaceful protest in solidarity with those who are oppressed.

Amira Hunter

22:33 on 07 Apr 2020

Anti Zionism is not Anti Semitism. Uphold civil and political democracy and freedom of speech in Scotland. You can not censor the people in their support of Palestinian struggle against apartheid.

Martin Murphy

18:02 on 07 Apr 2020

All action that stops democracy is unacceptable

Margaret Tomkins

17:19 on 07 Apr 2020

As a Jewish girl all, I have to say that giving special privileges to apartheid Israel and endlessly covering their crimes do not benefit us Jews living in Scotland. We are sick and tired of our religion and identity being used as a human shield for Israel. We demand justice for Palestinians and right to boycott Israel which do not speak for us neither represent us.

Jolanta Hadzic

19:08 on 01 Apr 2020

The only way to change things.

George Rendall

16:06 on 01 Apr 2020

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