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PE01729: Legal protection of crofts from local authority care charges


Petitioner: John Maciver


Closing Date for Online Petition: 20 August 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure crofting tenancies are exempt from local authority Financial Assessments for care charges. 

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Comments (8)

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Do you agree that crofts and croft property should exempt from local authority Financial Assessments for care charges?

Do you have experience of the issues raised in the petition?

Are you aware of crofting communities who are being affected by this issue?
If so, what has been the impact on those communities?

Well done John for pursuing this . Hopefully common sense prevails here.

Murdo Fraser

14:00 on 17 Jul 2019

Hope you will be successful

Catherine Russell

11:04 on 17 Jul 2019

Croft houses and crofts are given and built with a view to passing on to ones child .Council selling them means more air bandb available and lsland will be depopulated

Maggie Macdonald

10:22 on 17 Jul 2019

This sounds like the worst sort of land grab. Crofting retains people in remote areas. Councils are not supposed to be adding to their asset portfolio but encouraging community development and repopulation of remote and rural areas. There is no long term benefit to a regional council for continued centralisation or allowing further holiday houses.

George Farlow

22:32 on 16 Jul 2019

This is very unfair

Catherine Afrin

21:42 on 16 Jul 2019

I support this petition 100%

Christina macritchie

18:13 on 16 Jul 2019

A family should never be forced to sell their family home. This is an exceptionally unfair policy. Hope you get lots of signatures.

Janette Maciver

17:10 on 16 Jul 2019

Seems ridiculous and arbitrary that an asset, which cannot be sold, should be treated as an asset to fund social care services.

Caroline McCallum

11:49 on 16 Jul 2019

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