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PE01729: Legal protection of crofts from local authority care charges


Petitioner: John Maciver


Date Lodged: 20 August 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure crofting tenancies are exempt from local authority Financial Assessments for care charges. 

Petition History:

The petitioner has collected 415 offline signatures.

Do you agree that crofts and croft property should exempt from local authority Financial Assessments for care charges?

Do you have experience of the issues raised in the petition?

Are you aware of crofting communities who are being affected by this issue?
If so, what has been the impact on those communities?

Crofting tenancies should be exempt from local council Financial Assessment for care charges.

Donella Ferrier

18:55 on 19 Aug 2019

After decades of striving for a reasonable lifestyle residing in a crofting community I find it appalling that after Decades of hard work and sacrifice made by our forefathers that their earned income which they carefully saved is now being plundered by Social Work Depts. of the various Local Authorities.Do they have any legal right to do this or is this decision taken on the whim of a so called "Legal Expert" I feel sore having paid thousands of pounds to Comhairle Nan Eileen to pay for the care of severely disabled family member. I hope that this petition is given the respect and consideration it deserves. It is fighting the case for the most vulnerable in our communities

Neil Macarthur

16:10 on 19 Aug 2019

It is very sad that Crofters rights which were won at great cost are now being disregarded so shamefully by our Scottish Government.

Iain Maciver

23:43 on 18 Aug 2019

These crofts and croft houses have been in families for generations and should remain so other wise traditions and ways of life will be lost


15:42 on 18 Aug 2019

A total disgrace

Angus John Campbell

13:43 on 18 Aug 2019

We must make a stand against this.

John Gordon Booth

13:33 on 18 Aug 2019

Fully agree that Croft and Croft property should be exempt from care charges.

Fred Godden

12:39 on 18 Aug 2019

We don't wish to return to the Highland Clearences, stop this nonsense.

Donald Anderson

20:14 on 16 Aug 2019

Crofts should be exempt to allow them to be passed to the next generation. Best of luck with petition.

Dixie Porter

12:07 on 16 Aug 2019

Family homes and crofts should be kept in the family and passed down to the he next generation.I hope this petition is successful.

Flora MacIsaac

11:03 on 16 Aug 2019

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