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PE01706: Introduce a law to allow pets in rented and supported accommodation

Housing Planning

Petitioner: Geraldine Mackenzie


Closing Date for Online Petition: 10 October 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce a law to allow all Scottish residents who live in rented and supported accommodation to let their pets live with them.

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I have been to flats when I was on District Nursing training, the smell of urine soaked carpets and dogs faeces were apppalling,most probably penetrating through floor boards. That is the only reason why I think Landlords do not allow pets!

Hale Armani

18:35 on 21 Sep 2018

It's vital that animals are also given rights and not discriminated against by private landlords and agencies . This would sort out the housing crisis as so many have been forced to rely on social housing because they can't take their pets onto private rent property's.

Calum Boydon

19:05 on 13 Sep 2018

People often end up in rented accommodation through circumstances not choice. To be parted from a beloved pet can cause severe depression.

pam coombes

8:33 on 11 Sep 2018

Pets are like children to us we are responsible for them for their lifetime it is cruel to make people give up their beloved pet just because of unnecessary rules!


23:45 on 10 Sep 2018

Pets are part of the family & should not be parted at the most vulnerable time of people's lives.

Elizabeth Welch

17:13 on 07 Sep 2018

For many of us, our pets are our only family. They make us healthier and happier. We all need more of both!

Angel May

14:28 on 07 Sep 2018

It's been proven that pets enrich lives and can help the sick and elderly why would you ever rob people of that these pets are family and are just as important

Sue Taylor

20:30 on 06 Sep 2018

CThis is a cause that is close to my heart. It is so heartbreaking for families and pets to have to give their pets away in order to have somewhere to live. Pets are family to most people, and they deserve to be allowed to stay with the families that love them and have a place to live too.

Jenny Sylivant

20:21 on 06 Sep 2018

Pets are our family and we need them with us

Felicity Collins

17:55 on 06 Sep 2018

People are distressed enough in these situations without losing their pets too

Hazel Newcombe

15:34 on 06 Sep 2018

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