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PE01671: Sale and use of glue traps

Rural Affairs

Petitioner: Lisa Harvey and Andrea Goddard on behalf of Let's Get MAD For Wildlife


Closing Date for Online Petition: 04 September 2017

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ban the sale and use of glue traps and boards in Scotland. 

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Help ban the cruel use of glue traps in Scotland to stop animals suffering slow and painful deaths.

We are petitioning the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to totally ban the sale and use of glue traps and boards in Scotland. 


Marcella D'Gama

10:54 on 16 Aug 2017

Please ban these products and save our wildlife

Tim Rea

14:00 on 15 Aug 2017

Please stop this indiscriminate barbaric practise.

Carl conn

13:56 on 15 Aug 2017

This practice is incredibly cruel and mist be stopped. How would you like to be tortured until a slow death comes your way, with no way to free yourself? Give your tunnel-visioned head a shake!

Yvette Chopty

10:23 on 15 Aug 2017

No I'm not Scottish. But opposing animal cruelty should know no boundaries.

David Williams

4:40 on 15 Aug 2017

Our country should have no part in such barbaric cruelty - must stop.

Christine Lloyd

23:59 on 14 Aug 2017

We need to respect our wildlife

Chris mcNaghten

22:23 on 14 Aug 2017

Please ban these traps

Jane Fraser

22:32 on 13 Aug 2017

Glue traps cause a slow and agonizing death to many creatures. They must be banned.

Karen Haywood

9:03 on 13 Aug 2017

Our wildlife is suffering enough with all the killing 'legal' and illegally, this stuff needs to be banned now!!!!!!

Jean Morris

23:17 on 12 Aug 2017

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