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PE01722: Parking charges at island lifeline ferry ports


Petitioner: Dr Shiona Ruhemann on behalf of Iona and Mull Community Councils and others


Date Lodged: 19 June 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to island-proof transport infrastructure to ensure that public bodies do not charge for parking in car parks at island ferry ports, which are essential lifeline services, and any proposed island parking charges are subject to rigorous impact assessment.

Please think about locals who already struggle to make ends meet.

Marion Brown

23:44 on 19 Jun 2019

Charges will make life difficult for long term Iona residents.

Susan Ann Fairbairn

23:30 on 19 Jun 2019

Please drop this utterly ridiculous plan!

Maggie Thomson

22:34 on 19 Jun 2019

Stop this nonsense and think about the bigger picture.

Liz Wilson

17:37 on 19 Jun 2019

Disgracful attitude by the council.

Anne Crosby

15:25 on 19 Jun 2019

The Scottish Government must appreciate that allowing these charges to go ahead, at ferry terminals, flies in the face of all their initiatives to encourage tourism in rural areas.

Duncan Finlayson

14:42 on 19 Jun 2019

Please listen to the island community on this one, they understand the impact better than anyone and would be the ones who have to shoulder the negative impact these proposed charges would bring. Changes should benefit a community and if they are telling you this would be a bad change, please listen and act on their voice. Elected parties ought to be representing the community.

Sarah Dorrian

12:55 on 19 Jun 2019

Ridiculous charges that will harm a rural economy.

Kirsty Fisher

11:55 on 19 Jun 2019

Solo visit in 2016...will not visit again because of charges

Kate Hinchliffe

10:45 on 19 Jun 2019

It is appalling that the increase in charges will potentially prevent visitors to the Isle of Iona as well as being a further stealth tax on those who live there. I would urge a rethink on this as a matter of urgency and that the decision makers serve the people the say they represent.

Marie O'Brien

10:39 on 19 Jun 2019

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