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PE01711: First Aid Training for All Primary School Children in Scotland


Petitioner: Stuart Callison on behalf of St Andrew's First Aid


Closing Date for Online Petition: 06 December 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to

1.  Ensure that all primary schools in Scotland incorporate basic first aid as an integral part of their curriculum; and

2.  Provide funding in order to develop high quality teaching materials on what to do in common emergencies, as well as to establish training and support for teachers to enable them to deliver these skills during short, interactive first aid workshops.

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Comments (24)

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Should primary school children be given the opportunity to learn how to save a life?

this is a must

peter duffy

0:39 on 12 Nov 2018


Robert Thomson

16:05 on 08 Nov 2018

without a doubt this should be as integral as any other subject in a schools curriculum.

stevie courtney

15:52 on 08 Nov 2018

Great idea kids who goto scouts brownies learn 1st aid so be great to expand on this to all kids

Sarah Stringer

21:54 on 07 Nov 2018

Children tend to pick up skills quicker than adults so the sooner they learn these skills the better it will be for them in future life.

Allison Carruthers

10:13 on 07 Nov 2018

This is a life skill that should be taught at school from a young age

Alexander Bloy

8:42 on 07 Nov 2018

Young children learn and absorb information in an intuitive way. To teach these skills early will give them confidence to help in situations where in the future, they may just have been bystanders. I dont think they will be frightened of confronting injuries or symptons of illness if they have an understanding of the body and its functions. I believe it will cascade to others in the childs environment (parents, siblings,friends) through their natural desire to talk and share information. Children and young peole will grow in confidence. This teavhing may also encourage ypung people to consider a career in medicine, nursing or allied professions. The teaching and learning can and should blend with estabished learning situations within the curriculum. Teachers can and should be encouraged to work with the St Andrews association to make this happen across Scotland.

Arlene Raeburn

10:26 on 05 Nov 2018

First Aid is vital life skill. It's must be taught from a young age, as you will not know when you will need to call upon it!

Gavin Jenkinson

0:12 on 03 Nov 2018

This is an opportunity that should be introduced to kids in primary school. It would provide them with the skills and practice that allows them to save someone at home, school or elsewhere in a potential life threatening situation. It is knowledge that is invaluable and we should be introducing it to young children to better educate our population.

Rokaiya Ali

17:30 on 31 Oct 2018

Anyone working with children should be trained in paediatric first aid.

Elaine Thom

0:14 on 31 Oct 2018

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