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PE01679: Cycle helmets in Scotland


Petitioner: Jenny Lockhart


Date Lodged: 05 January 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce legislation or a national information campaign to ensure people wear helmets when cycling in Scotland. 

Petition History:


22 March 2018: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 of Standing Orders on the basis that the petitioner has indicated that she wishes to withdraw the petition. Link to the Official Report 22 March 2018




Do you agree that legislation or a national information campaign is required to ensure that people wear helmets when cycling in Scotland?

What, in your view, are the benefits of wearing helmets when cycling in Scotland?

I agree in principle, and do personally wear my helmet 95% of the time. However I don't want to fear a fine if I don't. I also agree that those under 16 should be required to wear a helmet. Why put a law on the books that would not truly be enforced anyway, as we do not have the resources. Awareness and perhaps a helmet campaign to provide helmets to those that feel that can't afford them seems a better use of time and resources in my humble opinion. However I do applaud the consideration this matter is being given.

B Groves

7:57 on 21 Dec 2017

I agree that better infrastructure will help reduce injuries to cyclists. However, someone can come off their bike for a multitude of reasons (related to the cyclist, a car or local infrastructure) and if I am about to smack my head on a concrete road my common sense tells me I would like to be wearing a helmet than not. Professional cyclists wear helmets - why are we different? It also sets a good example for future generations.

Jenny Lockhart

12:44 on 14 Dec 2017

I'm strongly against this proposal, I believe it would deter many people from commuting by bike or just cycling around town casually, myself first. Cyclists can judge whether a helmet would protect them or make them feel safer, but I see no value in making them compulsory. The main threat to cyclists comes from cars so the car, taxi, and bus drivers are the ones who should be the target of a national information campaign. A low-hanging fruit would be to stop people parking on cycle lanes all over town. And I echo other comments: better infrastructure is also crucial to improve the safety of cyclists and encourage more people to cycle. The impact of such a proposal should be carefully examined before changing the law, surely the Government doesn't want to reduce cycling in favour of cars, that would be a setback for urban air quality, public health, and climate change.

Celia Nyssens

17:26 on 08 Dec 2017

I agree on the principle that cycle helmets should be worn by youngsters using bicycles etc. However, the various experts from manufacturers, professional cyclists and even evidence from countries where bikes are much more in use must be consulted before passing this as a law. The biggest issue is that the road traffic around Scottish cities, towns and in rural areas need to be isolated from cyclists by introducing proper lanes which are not directly beside motor vehicles. Our current infrastructure around Scotland needs to be vastly improved, with better facilities and safer routes the number of cyclists will increase. Obviously the elements and weather conditions are out of our control, but if people are made to feel safe and encouraged to cycle then it will benefit towns by reducing exhaust emissions and congestion.

Iain Bruce

14:34 on 30 Nov 2017

Why do all of the countries with very hgh bike usage rates have hardly anybody wearing helmets?

Malcolm Liddle

20:30 on 28 Nov 2017

Hi Viz & helmets

Sandra McNeil

20:27 on 28 Nov 2017

I do not support this at all. Like skiing, wearing a helmet makes sense and gives protection to one's head (up to a point), but it should not be mandatory or compulsory. It is just sensible and parents should encourage all children to wear a helmet from the first time they step onto a bike. It will then be second nature (like wearing a seatbelt).

Rod Mitchell

15:59 on 28 Nov 2017

I would prioritise hi-vis garments as being seen clearly may prevent an accident but using both items is sensible

Margaret Kendrick

8:44 on 28 Nov 2017

No age limit all types of bikes

Colin elliott

16:55 on 27 Nov 2017

Helmets should be compulsory on all roads

Catherine Sykes

15:18 on 27 Nov 2017

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