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PE01688: Permitted development rights in conservation areas

Housing Planning

Petitioner: Alastair Ewen on behalf of Westerton Garden Suburb Residents Association


Date Lodged: 08 May 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to review the permitted development rights legislation, which we consider impacts unfairly on residents of conservation areas and listed buildings in Scotland.

Petition History:


24 May 2018: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government and planning authorities. Link to Official Report 24 May 2018

What is your view on residents of conservation areas or listed buildings having to pay £202 to submit a planning application to make improvements to look after their property, when this is not a requirement of the general population?

Would it be more equitable, in your opinion, to encourage residents to consult with their local planning department without incurring a fee when considering simple house maintenance?


Very unfair

Louise Hunter

23:46 on 08 Apr 2018

As a member of the committee I agree with the rationale of the wording of the Petion

Michael Paterson

9:55 on 04 Apr 2018

Agree with the rationale of the request

Michael Paterson

9:45 on 04 Apr 2018

To deny or charge a householder from say a patio or shed or a decking area or a small summer house is surely an infringement of their equal rights. Furthermore the only way this would be enforced is to rely on neighbours reporting each other to their local authority

James Williamson

22:02 on 02 Apr 2018

Residents of the garden suburb should not have to pay for planning permission to make small changes to their properties.This is an outdated and unfair practice.

Derek Smith

13:22 on 02 Apr 2018

I live in a conservation village on the Moray Coast. I had my house painted last year, no change to colours or anything, but I wasn't even aware that I should have applied to the LA to do this, and pay £202 for the privilege of maintaining the property. Since ignorance of the law is seemingly no excuse but lots of people must be unwittingly breaking the law, then it is not good law.

Joan Coverley

8:39 on 30 Mar 2018

A consultation with planning with verbal approval fooled by an email confirming it.

Roger Boyle

8:37 on 30 Mar 2018

It would be very unfair to have a planning application fee for a Listed Building or a Building within a Conservation Area. As a B-listed building owner I am very aware of the substantially higher costs of maintaining a Listed building. I am particularly concern that if such a fee were applied to those within a Conservation Area this would only lead to developments, improvements and maintenance that would simply be carried out without any reference to the Local planning department. The number of conservation areas that have been completely compromised by such an approach is sadly all too common in Scotland. Built Heritage in my view is seen as a low priority within Local Authorities' - if that planning fee was to have a positive effect on improving built heritage it may have some merit. Sadly I fear that the introduction of such a fee would make no difference to the inadequate resourcing of Built Heritage at the local level.

Dr. Keith N. Stewart

6:38 on 30 Mar 2018

To quote a local authority planning dept on developments within a conservation area: "it's better to ask forgiveness than permission". If that's the reality, then the rules are broken.

Liam Mason

19:23 on 28 Mar 2018

What is fair for one should be fair for all in a democracy.

Sandy Welsh

17:53 on 28 Mar 2018

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