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PE01708: Catering for vegans on all public sector menus


Petitioner: Mark Banahan on behalf of The Vegan Society & Go Vegan Scotland


Closing Date for Online Petition: 06 November 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to bring forward legislation to guarantee plant-based options on every public sector menu every day, to protect the rights of vegans and for our health, the environment and animals.

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Plant based meals have been scientifically proven to be better for our health and the environment and undoubtedly better for those animals. Vegan food can be enjoyed by everyone

Rachel Livapulu

22:24 on 19 Oct 2018

Like slavery exploitation of non-human animals must end.

Joseph Sharp

20:01 on 19 Oct 2018

By adding vegan options, you aren ot only helping people choose healthier options but also offering more humane and environmentally-sustainable choices!

Shanasy Bratt

16:00 on 19 Oct 2018

Pls provide vegan meals

Ruth elhamad

14:36 on 19 Oct 2018

There is no good argument against veganism. Childr en should be made aware of the choices they are making and how to choose the right alternative if neccessary, for example most children are unaware about the human population being almost entirely lactose intolerant, having been brought up on dairy and unfamiliar with the effects it has vs. an alternative.

Dalton Haverland

13:25 on 19 Oct 2018

I would like to be able to eat the next time I am in hospital as a lactose intolerant vegetarian.

Linda Brooks

13:15 on 19 Oct 2018

Plant based meals should always be encouraged. For health, the environment and for the animals.

Lisa Benson

12:56 on 19 Oct 2018

Everybody should have access to healthy and planet friendly plant based food. It just makes sense. There is no way I would eat an animals flesh, eggs or secretions.

Shelley PetlanskyWatkins

12:44 on 19 Oct 2018

A vegan meal can be eaten by everyone. It can be made healthy, nutritious, tasteful and cheaply so why not have it as an option?

Kirsty Melville

12:26 on 19 Oct 2018

45% of world pollution caused by animal agriculture. Time is now to educate and give humans options as to how they can be part of the awareness of global warming. Time, is running out.

cheryl bush

11:58 on 19 Oct 2018

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