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PE01696: Preserving Scottish Battlefields

Housing Planning

Petitioner: Jack Gallacher MA on behalf of Bothwell Historical Society


Date Lodged: 25 June 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce legislation to prevent the development on battlefields as listed on Historic Environment Scotland’s Inventory of Historic Battlefields.

Petition History:

77 off-line signatures have been collected.


13 September 2018: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, Historic Environment Scotland, the Scottish Tourism Alliance, Visit Scotland and COSLA. Link to Official Report 13 September 2018 

30 May 2019: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Standing Orders Rule 15.7 on the basis that the Scottish Government considers there to be sufficient safeguards to protect historical battlefields from development, and that there is evidence of these being used in practice. Link to Official Report 30 May 2019

Written submissions

Do you agree that it is vital that legislation is laid down now before any further inappropriate developments on any of the battlefields as listed on the Inventory of Historic Battlefields?

Having returned from a holiday in Uzbekistan my awareness of the necessity to protect historic sites has been greatly increased. They are a legacy which should be protected for future generations.

James Stevenson Grant

8:54 on 21 Jun 2018

It is morally and ethically wrong to build on or by a development on the blood and bones of people who fought for political rights and the privilege of having the right to choose their own religious faith... Regardless of where you live we, as world citizens, must respect those who fought for the right to have dignity and freedom.

Nakki Goranin

0:00 on 19 Jun 2018

Culloden should be kept intact and complete as a historical site with such important history

Michele Guadagnoli

23:29 on 18 Jun 2018

Keep the historic sites in good order, not under concrete. Thanks.

Fred Rutledge

17:55 on 15 Jun 2018

History is sacred!

Grace Boockholdt

17:09 on 15 Jun 2018

Show some pride. Have some care. Learn to respect the past. Please

Martin Morrison

22:37 on 12 Jun 2018

The land of Scotland is steeped in history. There should be no development on historical battlefields on Scottish soil. It is more important to preserve the memory and the history of this great land than to profit for few.

Mr Andrew Jones

22:33 on 12 Jun 2018

Building on any historic battlefield site is an abomination. There are human remains on most if not all battlefields and to ignore those and what they mean is not acceptable. This is desecration and I keep hearing about the possibility of building on various sites more and more. There are many empty building and other sites, leave our history alone.

Janet Donaldson-Elder

8:28 on 12 Jun 2018

Yes all scotlands battlefields are sacred grounds.for the people who died ther.

Robert nixon

23:40 on 11 Jun 2018

Knowing our history is important. Being able to visit historical sites and see the actual places where significant events in that history is essential. Culloden could be developed but as a historical site sensitive to the resting place of those killed on the battlefield, not as a housing development.

Marlene Halliday

20:45 on 11 Jun 2018

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