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PE01804: Halt Highlands & Islands Airports Ltd's Air Traffic Management Strategy


Petitioner: Alasdair MacEachen, John Doig and Peter Henderson on behalf of Benbecula Community Council


Date Lodged: 06 May 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to halt Highlands & Islands Airports Ltd's Air Traffic Management Strategy Project to conduct an independent assessment of the decisions and decision-making process of the ATMS project.


The connections our air services provide across Scotland from Benbecula to Sumburgh to Dundee are necessary for our communities’ health, economy and leisure. Islanders in particular depend on our life-line air services and HIAL's ATMS project could mean a significant increase in delays and cancellations in airports already often constrained by extreme weather.

Do you agree that there should be an independent assessment of the decisions and decision-making process of the ATMS project?

Lerwick Community Council has serious concerns about the safety issues relating to the remote air traffic control service that is proposed by HIAL.

Frances Valente - Clerk

11:52 on 05 May 2020

We should be trying to decentralise highly paid jobs from the Central Belt. This is doing the opposite.

Brian Robertson

15:13 on 02 May 2020

In addition to the loss of jobs in remote communities it will introduce large areas of controlled airspace in remote areas of Scotland that will impact General Aviation in particular.

Paul Horth

22:50 on 23 Apr 2020

How long must remote communities continue to suffer from this outside-in perspective which takes away the services which help bind us together?

Calvin Allen

11:34 on 21 Apr 2020

Centralising services not for efficiency but to allow closer political control.

Andrew Mackintosh

17:54 on 20 Apr 2020

I believe this is a safety issue and should be abandoned. It will also remove high paid jobs on the islands

Marie shearer

17:47 on 20 Apr 2020

Safety before profit. Scottish Government must get involved and engage with unions particularly Prospect, who know have members with skills and expertise in this field.

Jim McEleny

18:15 on 15 Apr 2020

This proposal is ridiculous. If it is such a great idea then why dont we turn this idea on its head and "control" HIALs airports from the islands? After all Scotlands political foundations are entwined in supporting the remote regions. Get a grip HIAL!

Stuart Smith

21:24 on 14 Apr 2020

Absolutely diabolical idea no regards towards people's safety madness of the first degree

Angus MacDonald

12:07 on 07 Apr 2020

Please, for all our safety, halt the transfer to Inverness


13:22 on 06 Apr 2020

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