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PE01737: Review of hate crime legislation and security funding in Scotland

People Communities

Petitioner: Puneet Dwivedi on behalf of Hindu Forum Britain


Date Lodged: 29 August 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to address increasing levels of hate crime in Scotland by providing security funding similar to that in place in England and Wales.


What measures would you like to see taken to reduce hate crime generally and against places of worship?

I support this petition

Satish kumar gosi

17:51 on 10 Aug 2019

I support this petition.


13:04 on 10 Aug 2019

i support this petition

sangeeta sharma

16:43 on 04 Aug 2019

All places of worship should be safe..not just few.


15:16 on 01 Aug 2019

Good Initiative, the place of worship should be free from hatred and Govt should provide fund to secure these place.

Ruhina Aslam

12:01 on 01 Aug 2019

I want my other fellow humans to be safe and happy.

Sree keerthi

15:12 on 30 Jul 2019

I sipport

pallavi shukla

11:53 on 30 Jul 2019

Protest hundus


10:02 on 30 Jul 2019

I support this petition

Jhoola Sharma

5:37 on 30 Jul 2019

Enough is Enough

Rashmi Mishra

14:30 on 29 Jul 2019

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