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PE01700: Progression of process for Section 30 order to hold Scottish Referendum on Independence from the United Kingdom

Parliament Government

Petitioner: Martin James Keatings on behalf of Forward as One


Date Lodged: 09 August 2018

To ask the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to seek a section 30 order from the UK Government to enable it to bring forward legislation in the Scottish Parliament to hold a second referendum on Scotland's independence from the United Kingdom.

Petition History:

4,137 off-line signatures have been collected.


13 September 2018: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 13 September 2018.

7 February 2019: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Standing Order rule 15.7 on the basis that the Scottish Government has clarified its position. Link to Official Report 7 February 2019

 Written Submissions:



Despite the clear wish of the Scottish people to remain in the EU, we are, once again, being ridden over roughshod by Westminster in its lemming-like obsession with controlling immigration. Scotland *MUST* have independence if it is to survive the post-Brexit financial and legislative debacle, and it is imperative that we Scots gain the right to self governance.

Graeme W Turner

13:48 on 01 Aug 2018

We need to do this for our children's future

Agnes Kelly Yeo

9:01 on 01 Aug 2018

It is the clear wish of the people of Scotland to remain in the EU and gain independence from the constraints of Westminster rule. Use the mandate and lead Scotland into a better future

Anita Napier

20:13 on 31 Jul 2018

I want a sect 30 order i wish Scotland to be allowed another independence ref

Donna glackin

19:45 on 31 Jul 2018

For the future of my children and generations to come I want them to be afforded the right to free movement work travel and education..The Tory WM Gov are not looking after the nation Indy now please

Elaine Lloyd

19:44 on 31 Jul 2018

Day after day evidence surfaces of how Westminster wants Holyrood gone. The Scottish people need your action to protect them

Nigel Lloyd

19:43 on 31 Jul 2018

Now is the time!

Gerry Parker

18:45 on 31 Jul 2018

Time to dissolve the union and allow Scotland to join the world of nations as an equal partner

Robert Black

17:59 on 31 Jul 2018

We are all ready to take to the streets to secure a better future for Scotland outwith the grasp of Westminster

Gordon Izatt

9:56 on 31 Jul 2018

I think Scotland and her people have the right to self govern herself without being dictated by a foreign UK Government. That does not stand up for the people of Scotland. Scotland is BIG ENOUGH, SMART ENOUGH, RICH ENOUGH

Graham Jones

7:33 on 31 Jul 2018

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