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PE01700: Progression of process for Section 30 order to hold Scottish Referendum on Independence from the United Kingdom

Petitioner: Martin James Keatings on behalf of Forward as One


Closing Date for Online Petition: 09 August 2018

To ask the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to seek a section 30 order from the UK Government to enable it to bring forward legislation in the Scottish Parliament to hold a second referendum on Scotland's independence from the United Kingdom.

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The promises made by the UK Government's elected members to the people of Scotland in 2014 have been proven to be, at best only marginally met and at worst, entirely false. BREXIT being forced upon Scotland, despite our overwhelming majority to remain in the EU is a constitutional breaking point. The UK government seeking & obtaining Royal Assent for BREXIT whilst there is an ongoing legal case over the Continuity Bill just makes an absolute mockery of any claims that Scotland is an "Equal Partner" in the "UK" and is a clear indication of how that particular court case will rule...it WON'T be in Scotland's favour. The UK Parliaments denial of a decent debate is another affront to democracy. The lack of ANY clear, concise information about the BREXIT negotiations at Ministerial and Public levels is gravely concerning. Given the utterly disgraceful treatment of Scotland by the UK government since 2014...the Vow, Smith, Sewell, BREXIT etc, our "partnership" within the UK context is no longer valid. Scotland is a country not a region. As a Scottish citizen, I am asking for the Scottish Government to begin the process of securing the necessary paperwork required to authenticate a referendum on independence for Scotland. Thank you.

Marion Plunkett

14:07 on 01 Jul 2018

Fully support anything to do with independence that' gets Scotland away from the corrupt west monster

Johnny wilson

14:07 on 01 Jul 2018

We need to be an independent country. I believe Westminster lied and cheated with the original vote

Wendy Watson

13:56 on 01 Jul 2018

This NEEDS to be done. The Scots are a proud people and willing to work and make our nation a stronger and more stable place to live

Jacqui Nichol

13:30 on 01 Jul 2018

Need out of UK union sharpish

Donna Sweeney

13:22 on 01 Jul 2018

We must have our say

Jean maclaren

13:15 on 01 Jul 2018

Please make it possible on the drop down list of countries to select Scotland and not have to select UK. I'm surprised this hasn't been resolved

Julie Brown

13:08 on 01 Jul 2018

important step forward to independence from terrible southern decision-making

kate maclean

13:06 on 01 Jul 2018

Rise and be a nation again

James Rennie

12:55 on 01 Jul 2018

It's now or never,let's stop wasting time and call it..

Allan Stevenson

12:42 on 01 Jul 2018

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