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PE01733: Human right to adequate food


Petitioner: Peter Ritchie on behalf of Scottish Food Coalition


Closing Date for Online Petition: 22 August 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to make the Right to Food part of Scots Law.

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  • Food is at the heart of some of Scotland’s biggest challenges, from inequality to ill heath to ecological damage. It is a fundamental human right to have access to adequate, fairly-produced food.
  • Scotland has only just started to measure food insecurity, but it is unacceptably high and amongst the highest rates in Europe.   We have a food system of injustice.  Many people are priced out of a decent diet, reliant on foodbanks and suffering the consequences of poor nutrition.
  • We do not value the people who work to produce and process food, the farm animals, or the wildlife and natural resources, which enable us to eat well.
  • The right to food should be part of Scots Law.   The Scottish Government should take responsibility for transforming the food system and make sure it is founded on principles of social and environmental justice.

We all need food, and for the benefit of all, including the economy and the NHS, we need food that is healthy and accessible for everybody.

Anne Milne

10:05 on 23 Jul 2019

To have enough good food to live a healthy life which allows a person to live to their full potential is a human right, this has to be enshrined in law

Christiane McKeown

8:30 on 23 Jul 2019

In a just society everyone has access to food. In a caring society this food is nutritious and will lead to better health outcomes

Edward Andrews

21:39 on 22 Jul 2019

In this day and age no one should be short of good food and access to help to provide and prepare it.

Mrs Julie Wilkinson

21:04 on 22 Jul 2019

We need to stop prioritising food for export and start dealing with basic human rights, like good, healthy nutritious food right now for people in this country.

Emma Whitham

19:17 on 22 Jul 2019

I am signing this petition because I believe the right to good food is a basic right I would like to see that everyone in Scotland has. What I am not sure about is whether legislation can make it happen or whether it is the best way to make it happen. Food banks may be necessary these days but I think it is a retrograde step for the poor to have to go to a church or a public building to get free food. This seems especially true when there is so much food wasted, often by people who have plenty more food or more money to buy more food when some of their food is out of date or no longer appetising. How we sort all of this out seems way out of reach to me. I hope you can come up with helpful concrete plans to make the right to food a legal requirement in Scotland.

Jane Rubens

18:34 on 22 Jul 2019

Good Food Nation with a 'bad food economy' ?? It doesn't stack-up. Making good food fairly produced accessible will drive a Good Food Economy without depleting essential and finite resources.

Denise Walton

18:14 on 22 Jul 2019

People did without access to enough food Its as simple as that So therefore it must be written in Statute as a Human Right to have an absolute right to food.

cait ni Cadlaig

17:53 on 22 Jul 2019

We have children starving in this Country, this must STOP now.

Cath Wallace

17:01 on 22 Jul 2019

Food is a necessity, not everyone has the means or support to have access to food. It is a human right .

Lorraine Marshall

14:07 on 19 Jul 2019

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