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PE01838: Regulation of non-statutory child advocacy services


Petitioner: Martin Baker and Katherine Bailey


Date Lodged: 16 December 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure that non-statutory child advocacy services are properly regulated to ensure competence, transparency and accountability.

Assisting single father's maintaining contact with their children. Giving out information from organisations who can assist.

Jane Strang

20:39 on 14 Dec 2020

I'm trying my best to get access to my son. So far I'm confused how the system works. Kids are meant to be first. But there is adults putting themselves first. Surely that can't be right.

Pete Cairnsr

18:36 on 11 Dec 2020

Another example of dark pool unfair institutionally broken Scotland, without virtue and basic human rights.

G Ballantyne

15:49 on 30 Nov 2020

Please create a power of balance. This is lacking in most non statutory as it is lacking in most statutory compartment systems. The bottom is just reflecting the top with failing institutions in a place we used to call Scotland. Which was in the past an emblem of standard and virtue.

G Ballantyne

15:44 on 30 Nov 2020

I support this petition 110%.

Douglas cormack

22:49 on 25 Nov 2020

Doing this for a dear friend who through no fault of his own has been denied access to his beloved children and they to him too.

Kirsty Elliott

22:45 on 25 Nov 2020

Children need Mothers and Fathers.


21:34 on 25 Nov 2020

I have been in and out of Family Court in Inverness for almost 5yrs. I have faced every malicious false accusation imaginable. Proven beyond all doubt that these are malicious. Yet I (and my entire family) went 11months without seeing my two beautiful daughters. Now we get 5 weeks per year only. Court orders are repeatedly flouted by my ex. We have done nothing wrong and the children desperately want to spend time with us. Does anyone care? Ans. NO!

Adam Barton

20:44 on 25 Nov 2020

Parental alienation should be class as child abuse.

arshad ali

20:19 on 25 Nov 2020

Whole system is a shambles, closed family courts and family law solicitors make money by splitting up families, putting in place unequal arrangements as default to make people come back to court. The government makes money financially rewarding one parent for stopping or limiting another's access to their own children. Preventing parental equality, harming society but biggest harm is child victims who are losing parents.

Gary Nicholson

19:30 on 25 Nov 2020

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