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PE01725: Suicide awareness and support for young people


Petitioner: Ann Marie Cocozza on behalf of Families and Friends Affected by Murder & Suicide (FAMS)


Closing Date for Online Petition: 30 July 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to make suicide awareness education, information and training mandatory for all high school pupils, teachers, carers and parents and to provide specific ring-fenced funding for this training. 

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Comments (49)

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Too many young people especially men are losing their lives to suicide and we need to make sure support is available to stop this happening

Julie Carr

7:00 on 10 Jul 2019

Please..this is happening to too many young ones these days...hear them and help them...

Eunice Brown

14:33 on 09 Jul 2019

I lost my beautiful son Ben to suicide in August 2018 it has destroyed me more help information and awareness around suicide and mental health is a MUST

Sarah Simms

20:02 on 07 Jul 2019

Please make this a priority,, as I believe we are in the middle of a suicide epidemic, and it's heart breaking to see broken families and friends left with no answers.

Terry Mcculloch

15:07 on 07 Jul 2019

Prevention and awareness will save lives.

John Brown

13:09 on 07 Jul 2019

This is absolutely crucial. Far too many young people become victims of suicide

Michael Richardson

9:28 on 07 Jul 2019

Lost a very close family member to suicide so am right behind this campaign.

Jacqueline Nisbet

0:58 on 07 Jul 2019

Provide a mandatory mental health first aid course for all education sectors. 12 hours minimum

Daniel James gallacher

17:03 on 06 Jul 2019

Our young people are crying out for help, please listen

Maureen cathcart

14:56 on 06 Jul 2019

Mental health is not dealt with properly, and we need to focus more on it, we lose too many people to suicide, young and older, we're not doing enough to stop this.

Danielle Pollock

12:05 on 06 Jul 2019

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