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PE01721: National tourism strategy for Scotland and the role of the National Trust for Scotland

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Petitioner: John Hanks on behalf of Friends of Geilston


Closing Date for Online Petition: 10 June 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to meet with the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) to discuss the role the NTS can play in the context of the national tourism strategy, Tourism Scotland 2020 and, within that, the future of any Trust property under threat of closure, such as Geilston Gardens near Cardross. 

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Comments (33)

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Do you agree that the National Trust for Scotland can play a key role in Scotland’s national tourism strategy?

Are you aware of any Trust properties in your area that may be at risk of closure?

If yes, what impact do you think this may have on the local area?

happy to support this petition to keep these gardens and the history surrounding them

walter snedden

9:49 on 22 May 2019

I am a NTS member and regular visitor to Geilston Gardens

Jeremy Watson

9:27 on 22 May 2019

I understood that provision had been made for upkeep of the estate. If NTS do try to dispose of the property there is a strong legal case for these monies to be released. NTS simply pocketing them would surely be amoral and possibly illegal.

Michael Fisher

23:21 on 19 May 2019

This is a beautiful garden and estate and we need a variety of places like this. The Trust has a moral obligation to work with the local community to keep the garden open

chris moore

18:13 on 18 May 2019

The National Trust should be using the money left to them by the owner to invest in this garden and to retain it for the future

Gerard Cairns

13:26 on 18 May 2019

This tranquil gem of a garden deserves to be kept open, as the lady who donated it to the Trust, along with a large endowment, expected to happen.

Fran scott

20:04 on 17 May 2019

Geilston is a great asset to the area and should be kept open.

Brendan Traynor

9:29 on 17 May 2019

There are so few places in the area that are sufficiently accessible for young children to run around and explore, while looking and learning about plants and wildlife. Geilston was a weekly treat for members of my family when we lived in the area. It provided a space with sufficient size and variety to return to throughout the season - to watch the vegetables growing, the apples ripening in the orchard. I also watched my family members roll down the bank in the walled garden many times with friends laughing. It would be such a shame that other little people miss out on that pleasure!

Lisa Chapman

7:04 on 17 May 2019

Geilston is a much loved garden by the local community. It also attracts many visits by tourists staying in the loch lomond area or travelling around Scotland. There are numerous ways that National Trust can increase profits from visitors to Geilston rather than closing and losing this and other National Trust tourist attractions vital to the Scottish tourism strategy.

Elizabeth Lambert

6:57 on 17 May 2019

Save Geilston

Carol Moore

21:54 on 16 May 2019

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