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PE01716: Full review of mental health service provision across the NHS in Scotland


Petitioner: Karen McKeown and Gillian Murray


Date Lodged: 20 March 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to carry out a full review of mental health services across the NHS in Scotland, to ensure that policy and practice is delivered consistently across the country.

Petition History:

4 April 2019: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government and other key stakeholders to seek their respective views on the action called for in the petition. Link to Official Report 4 April 2019

21 November 2019: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 of Standing Orders on the basis that the Scottish Government is undertaking significant work which addresses the action called for in the petition. It also agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report of Meeting 21 November 2019

Written Submissions:

What has been you experience of adult mental health services? Do you feel that mental health services in Scotland are adequate? Would you like to see a review of mental health services to make sure that the delivery is consistent across the country? What would you like to be addressed by any review?

Please support this very important cause

Helen Ross

12:21 on 20 Mar 2019

CAMHS has worked and there is clearly an argument that increasing funding to ensure the service copes with increasing demand will help the service to meet outcomes and reduce waiting times. However, there is a clear need to ensure the support needed by those who are suffering can easily receive the help required in a timely and familiar environment. Dumfries and Galloway Council Youth Work Services are helping to meet the non-educational needs of young people in schools as some Pupil Equity Funding from secondary schools is used to fund services which are similar to that of youth work. This funding has helped to ensure that young people are assisted and if needed signposted to relevant organisations including CAMHS. It has also helped to ensure early intervention in mental health cases. While the initiative is fairly new it is helping to change services for the better.

Adam Wilson

22:22 on 18 Mar 2019

Doctors and nurses are guaranteed their salaries for turning up for work. What guarantees do the people.have? I think an overhaul is needed ASAP!

Sean Connor

7:36 on 18 Mar 2019

I think patients are turned away due to lack of funds. And why would that be? After all it is NATIONAL health! So why are the problems experienced more in Scotland???

Alex Ramsay

14:22 on 17 Mar 2019

The mental health services are over stretched and the NHS and the government needs to do something to improve the situation the waiting list for counseling in Dundee is very long .

Tracy Costello

20:05 on 15 Mar 2019

David Ramsay lost his life due to NHS failings. We, as a family, have been torn apart by this. our daughter, Gilly, has fought tirelessly and managed to get an inquiry into NHS Tayside Mental Health Services. We have met with Karen and heard from others across Scotland and are aware that these failings are not unique to Tayside (although it is our view that clearly there is something far wrong at Carseview Centre, the volume of deaths says it all). Welldone Gilly & Karen

Caroline & Peter Murray & David Ramsay Senior

16:05 on 15 Mar 2019

The Scottish government did to address this serious issue

Eddie manners

15:45 on 15 Mar 2019

In my work I deal with people who struggle with mental health issues every day. This should be a priority.

David merchant

14:55 on 15 Mar 2019

From experience it feels like the NHS and social services are failing those most in need and things are only going to get worse. A full review of all mental health services is needed.

Scott Murphy

13:44 on 15 Mar 2019

Listen to the people!

Ricky Grogan

18:19 on 13 Mar 2019

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