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PE01716: Full review of mental health service provision across the NHS in Scotland


Petitioner: Karen McKeown and Gillian Murray


Closing Date for Online Petition: 20 March 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to carry out a full review of mental health services across the NHS in Scotland, to ensure that policy and practice is delivered consistently across the country.

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What has been you experience of adult mental health services? Do you feel that mental health services in Scotland are adequate? Would you like to see a review of mental health services to make sure that the delivery is consistent across the country? What would you like to be addressed by any review?

Really important that this is looked at as could save lives and help people.

Michael Needham

13:53 on 20 Feb 2019

So many being failed with support that then causes mental health. a family member has had from age of 6 because of being bullied to comply instead of supported with autism, PDA and adhd.It is a disgrace. The education system has alot to answer for and professionals that know the issues and ignore them as just as bad

Gillian Tosh

19:58 on 19 Feb 2019

Good luck guys. Respect

Jon Hudson

14:45 on 19 Feb 2019

My son took his own life in October 9 days after being discharged from hospital which he should never have been. Twice within a 10hr period he was taken to hospital as he was suicidal only to be told to go visit his own doctor. He never made it to the doctors instead he took his own life.

Christina McCallum

1:48 on 16 Feb 2019

A countrywide review is needed as the current system is letting families down accross the board, not enough support and long waiting lists when urgent crisis care is required.

Val Herbert

7:45 on 14 Feb 2019

My son spent many years in the care of adult mental health services, before succumbing to his illness six years ago. Inpatient services have now been removed completely from Angus and I believe my son was failed terribly by Care in the community.

Catherine Matheson

21:18 on 13 Feb 2019

I am aware of both adults and children at their wits end as they've been unable to access mental health services, one situation was a child having to wait 11 months to access CAHMS. Resources are being continually cut and this is resulting in the loss of life when people see no way out, but suicide. Their poor families are left distraught and no doubt left with mental health issues themselves. More support is required.

Josephine Docherty

19:22 on 13 Feb 2019

It's become all too common to read and hear about NHS failings throughout Scotland. Mental health is very important. I am currently fighting my own battle to be heard about poor service and care. A full review of Mental Health services throughout Scotland needs to be done as soon as possible. Vulnerable people need help instead they are just being ignored and let down by mental health services.

Craig ORourke

17:58 on 13 Feb 2019

Hopefully there will be changes and life's can be saved.

Michael Needham

15:22 on 13 Feb 2019

Mental health services must be reviewed in Scotland. Patients clearly cannot get the help they need and many are being harmed as a result. Psychiatric drugs are widely prescribed and many are being unnecessarily harmed as a result. The focus on supporting young people and preventing long term mental health issues is very welcome but this is only one section of the population.

Fiona French

15:19 on 13 Feb 2019

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