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PE01714: Interstitial Lung Disease and Home Management


Petitioner: James MacLachlan, Ivy Dodds, Jean Watson


Date Lodged: 07 January 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to provide funding to raise awareness of Interstitial Lung Disease and home management.

Petition History:


 7 February 2019: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government and key stakeholders to seek their views on the action called for in the petition. Link to Official Report 7 February 2019

12 September 2019: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Standing Order Rule 15.7 on the basis that the Scottish Government is currently developing a Scottish Respiratory Care Action Plan and it understood that interstitial lung disease will be one of the key components of this plan. The Committee also agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Official Report of Meeting 12 September 2019

Written submissions


  • What is your awareness or experience of Interstitial Lung Disease?
  • Have you experienced any difficulties or delays in diagnosis and any follow-up investigations?
  • What is your experience of home management for ILD in your area? 


Need to start raising awareness of this debilitating disease

Gary rankine

12:14 on 04 Jan 2019

So many people suffer in silence with this illness but it's time to raise awareness off it and get the help the people who suffer from it

Lorraine Empson

9:52 on 04 Jan 2019

More help and awareness needs to be put towards this illness my beautiful bestie has it and its sad to see her struggle some days

Louise Baird

7:51 on 04 Jan 2019

Vital support is needed .

Andrew burns ure

6:59 on 04 Jan 2019

This really needs to happen

Suzanne ramage

5:37 on 04 Jan 2019

I started with lung disease in my 20's and wasn't diagnosed until 38. So much damage was done in that time that I will now require a lung transplant as this horrible disease progresses.

Joanne Russell

23:29 on 03 Jan 2019

My dear husband died of I.P.F. last month.During his illness I had to research myself for any material help which was always given but not offered.It was a relief when he was admitted to Hospital where he was given expert care.

Brenda Stokes

22:11 on 02 Jan 2019

I had no awareness of this disease until a friend posted the devastating story of her mum. Definitely more awareness needed.

Adele Simpson

5:07 on 23 Dec 2018

When someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness support should be there inmediately. People are left to fend for themselves while dealing with the trauma of the illness itself and being told they don't have long to live.

Hazel McCalden

22:49 on 22 Dec 2018

More needs to be done to support people with this devasting disease ! Sadly lost our mum to PF .

Anne Morris

20:15 on 10 Dec 2018

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