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PE01714: Interstitial Lung Disease and Home Management


Petitioner: James MacLachlan, Ivy Dodds, Jean Watson


Closing Date for Online Petition: 07 January 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to provide funding to raise awareness of Interstitial Lung Disease and home management.

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  • What is your awareness or experience of Interstitial Lung Disease?
  • Have you experienced any difficulties or delays in diagnosis and any follow-up investigations?
  • What is your experience of home management for ILD in your area? 


Need to start raising awareness of this debilitating disease

Kerrie Speirs

14:46 on 06 Dec 2018

It is vital that there is more public awareness of ILD and support at home. Well done to the petitioners for raising this important issue.

Frank Toner

11:52 on 06 Dec 2018

Family member sadly passed away having suffered from this awful condition.More needs to be done to bring awareness of this condition.

Jean Niven

23:49 on 05 Dec 2018

Family member passed away from this illness.More awareness would be beneficial to help others with this debilitating disease.

Allison Bradford

23:45 on 05 Dec 2018

Family member had this illness for 6 years. It's horrendous to watch someone deteriorate and know there no betterness.

Thomas Bradford

23:33 on 05 Dec 2018

Unaware of this condition until friend diagnosed with this condition.

William Lawson

20:19 on 05 Dec 2018

This is a horrible creeping isolating disease that can affect anyone, even non smokers. It restricts and shortens lives. There is no cure. Increased awareness and early diagnosis is essential to ensure appropriate help and any treatment that is available.

Jean Watson

10:58 on 05 Dec 2018

It's a horrible disease and definitely needs funding to raise awareness

Margaret Kilpatrick

13:16 on 04 Dec 2018

It's a horrible desease ,l have ms that's a stinker to good luck with petition ,SNP government should be doing more to help

Stuart Anderson

9:18 on 04 Dec 2018

I completely endorse the petition for government funding to help raise awareness and better inform people about interstitial lung disease.

Andrew Grainger

19:58 on 02 Dec 2018

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