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PE01709: Install CCTV cameras and provide full time social work support in all additional support needs schools


Petitioner: Claire Mooney


Date Lodged: 06 November 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to install CCTV cameras and establish full time social work presence in all additional support needs schools in Scotland.  

Petition History:


22 November 2018: The Committee agreed to investigate international comparisons and to write to the Scottish Government, COSLA, the Scottish Social Services Council, advocacy organisations and teaching and support services unions. Link to Official Report of 22 November 2018

20 June 2019: The Committee agreed to write to the petitioner and COSLA. Link to Official Report of Meeting 20 June 2019.

Written submissions:

While I agree cameras are much needed sw remain unfit for purpose

Lesley Brownlie

8:17 on 04 Nov 2018

This has got to stop wee need to keep our children safe

Pamela buddy

14:31 on 11 Oct 2018

Disgusted at the whole Education system at present.Children with Additional Support Needs are being failed massively and this needs to stop!

Lesley Leishman

15:39 on 09 Oct 2018

We have the technology these days, why not use it to protect the vulnerable and those who work with them for prevention and safety of all?

Clare Chalmers

22:17 on 04 Oct 2018

A family member was subjected to restraint and exclusion within school. They were locked out of class as strategies to manage autistic and adhd behaviours. They needed support and were often punishment for adults getting their support wrong .Clear strategies were ignored and could have prevented the trauma they suffered.Cameras need to be installed to keep kids safe from unlawful practices.It also keeps staff safe from any untrue accusations due to other staff members

Gillian Tosh

19:14 on 04 Oct 2018

So shocking for this to happen, so I think all schools and Nurseries should be fitted with CCTV.

June Teghri

15:48 on 04 Oct 2018

No child should be restrained or hurt while in school especially children that have any sort of disability.

Mhairi Parlitu

11:35 on 04 Oct 2018

The introduction of cameras would protect staff from false allegations as well as all children including those who are most vulnerable.

Hazel willox

10:51 on 04 Oct 2018

100% Support this after a family member was injured at school

Johanna Gowie

8:20 on 04 Oct 2018

It would not only safeguard the children but also the teachers. We should be promoting open visable trusting towards our most vulnerable tberfor it should be openly used like cctv on our streets to aid the safety of all.

Andrena Jane Tyler

7:27 on 04 Oct 2018

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