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PE01705: Wildlife crime - penalties and investigation

Rural Affairs

Petitioner: Alex Milne


Closing Date for Online Petition: 26 September 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to review legislation relating to the investigation of and penalties applicable to wildlife crime in Scotland.

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Do you agree that some wildlife crime penalties should be increased to 3 years or more to allow police to set covert video cameras if a crime is reported?

Do you agree that if crimes against wildlife are detected by video cameras, whether by accident or design, then the cases should be determined in court?

What do you think would be the pros and cons of these suggested measures?

Not allowing covert video is ludicrous. No-one would commit a crime if they knew a camera was recording it, they'd just wait or commit the crime elsewhere.

Patricia Scales

11:14 on 22 Sep 2018

The fact that an individual can be photographed committing a crime and this evidence cannot be used in court because the beneficiary of the crime must consent to its use is ridiculous and must be terminated.

George Murdoch

11:01 on 22 Sep 2018

I have car stickers. Love Scotland. Stop killing the wildlife !

dee donworth

10:39 on 22 Sep 2018

The law must be strong enough to to deterr as well as punish to help poor animals who are at the mercy of very cruel and file people! Protect our animal better!

Bree Tait

23:52 on 10 Sep 2018

I agree with the aforementioned questions.There could only be positive results from the measures as I hope they will act as a deterrent because if doesn't we may as well say good bye to our beautiful wildlife .Also why aren't more of you signing this petition what on earth are you scared of would you rather these rural criminals had their way cause if they do we may as well go " hillwalking " on the moon.

David Rodger

20:41 on 10 Sep 2018

Video evidence should be admissible

Liz Scott

23:30 on 08 Sep 2018

Penalties far too lenient. Dog breeders need much more policing and severe penalty .

Denise Young

22:23 on 07 Sep 2018

The illegal persecution of our birds of prey is but one of the abominations of the driven grouse shoot. A study has shown that it is not economic unless large scale eradication of predators takes place. Even the Mountain hare falls victim to gamekeepers and the dead bodies are just dumped in "stink pits". A farmer would be prosecuted if he disposed of his dead stock in this way. End this abomination now.

Pete Rowberry

20:15 on 06 Sep 2018

It is essential that evidence taken by video cameras be admissible in Court. I also think a much harsher penalty of 3 years imprisonment together fines and with a removal of licences should be applied.

Angela Mounsey

20:06 on 06 Sep 2018

That the very symbol of Scottish wildlife, the golden eagle, along with other species such as the elegant hen harrier, seem to be at risk from certain sectors of the grouse moor owning community is appalling. There have to be more convictions with heavier penalties to bring this culture to an end.

Mr Jonathan P Tyler

11:49 on 06 Sep 2018

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