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PE01703: Access to broadband in rural Scotland

People Communities

Petitioner: Hugh MacLellan on behalf of Laid Grazings and Community Committee


Closing Date for Online Petition: 12 September 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to deliver superfast broadband internet access to every household and business in Scotland, particularly in rural areas, before 2021.

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Comments (18)

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Manish exchange has not been upgraded and therefor ANY BT broadband is not available (and subsequently any competition). We are therefore stuck with expensive satellite systems.

Gail Tunnah

16:43 on 16 Aug 2018

My driveway was dug up to lay fibre but not for me! I am running a business on 0.3mbps.

Mark Leighton

21:15 on 15 Aug 2018

It needs to be sorted out with clear penalties for failure to deliver within agreed time frame

Paul Byrne

13:38 on 15 Aug 2018

This is very important for keeping up tourism

Lesley Murray

11:15 on 13 Aug 2018

please get it sorted, locals and working visitors are badly in need

Jacqueline White

21:07 on 12 Aug 2018

It's about time these forgotten people in rural areas have the same type of facilities as the city folk do

Tanya Anderson

10:43 on 12 Aug 2018

We live under 2 miles from a high speed internet enabled town yet our broadband speed is borderline usable. In the past 6 years the speed has dropped significantly and BT advisors say this is because the existing copper lines are possibly degrading and there are no future plans to repair them, and no timetable can be given for when they will be replaced by fibre. There are just a handful of properties up our glen and, although many like us are modern day businesses, I suspect we will be amongst the last to be upgraded.

Colin Mackenzie

10:09 on 12 Aug 2018

This has been a long-standing issue which requires a speedy resolution

Yvonne Alexis

8:42 on 12 Aug 2018

In our village in Scarista, Isle of Harris, a fibre optic cable was laid within 5 metres of our front door in 2015 but they say we cannot be connected to it. We cannot move back to Harris as our work depends on access to broadband. The current provision is slow and unreliable, recently disconnecting up to 30 times an hour, and at £80 a month is more than double what we pay in Glasgow for less bandwidth and slow speeds. No way to run a business in the current conditions.


8:33 on 12 Aug 2018

The poor coverage in many rural areas makes working from home impossible The elderly in these communities don't have access to friends and family as those living cities.This is discrimination and provider's should be prosecuted

Valerie Woodcock

8:13 on 12 Aug 2018

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