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PE01682: Access to specialist support for hidradenitis suppurativa sufferers in Scotland


Petitioner: James Jamieson


Date Lodged: 31 January 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to establish a specialist clinic for hidradenitis suppurativa sufferers in Scotland.

Petition History:


24 May 2018: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, the Hidradenitis Suppurativa Trust and the British Association of Dermatologists. Link to Official Report 24 May 2018

Do you support the call to establish a specialist clinic for hidradenitis suppurativa sufferers in Scotland?

What benefits or advantages do you think can be achieved by having a specialist clinic in Scotland?

My daughter (in Scotland) has this debilitating, horrendous condition and the support and public awareness of it is non existent. Do something positive for the sufferers of whom there are many

Lyn Lennox

16:47 on 27 Jan 2018

Well done jimmy good luck


20:35 on 26 Jan 2018



12:18 on 17 Jan 2018

both my daughter and grand daughter plus a close friend have HS and I feel stronglyt that not enough is being done to help people suffering from it. x

Pamelia Long

19:37 on 08 Jan 2018

More needs to be done to highlight and treat this horrible skin condition that robs you of your life.

Mairi breckon

16:25 on 08 Jan 2018

I hope it raises more awareness for health proffesionals who still don't have a clue and have never heard of HS !

Vivienne kerr

22:53 on 07 Jan 2018

please subscribe to this petition

Bill McCafferty

20:15 on 06 Jan 2018

A dedicated treatnent centre for those of us with HS is a necessity. Few health care professionals are not aware of the condition at all...patients and health carenworkers need more information help and access to local dedicated centres.

Donna McKibbens

16:25 on 06 Jan 2018

Have suffered with this awful condition for 32 years. We need a specialised treatment centre that has doctors nurses etc that know all about HS.

Jane Roberts

16:20 on 06 Jan 2018

As a patient who has suffered with Hs for many years I know how important it is to get timely help. If this terrible disease is caught early enough it can be manageable. However, if left it can cost the economy so much more in lost work hours, increase in benefit use and increase use of primary and secondary care. It is time HS sufferers are given the care and attention we deserve!

Moira Mae Underwood

15:59 on 06 Jan 2018

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