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PE01678: National strategic framework for Countryside Ranger Services in Scotland

Rural Affairs

Petitioner: Robert Reid on behalf of Scottish Coutryside Rangers Association


Closing Date for Online Petition: 18 December 2017

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to implement the strategic framework for the network of Countryside Ranger Services set out in the document Rangers in Scotland (SNH 2008). 

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Question: Do you support the need for implementing the national strategic framework for the network of Countryside Ranger Services in Scotland?

Please explain why you support the need for implementation of the strategy.

For a country that prides itself of the wild and rural areas it seems only fitting to demonstrate this commitment to protecting it.


7:19 on 15 Nov 2017

We truly need to ensure that we balance our natural habitat , for now and also future generations. maybe more volunteers ?


14:53 on 13 Nov 2017

It's a vital part of the network and should be supported


19:41 on 10 Nov 2017

Carry on doing the great work.

Nigel Franklin

10:43 on 10 Nov 2017

I support the framework as I firmly believe that Ranger Services provide important and key policies of the Scottish Government including health and well-being (physical and mental), social inclusion working with deprived communities, enhancing the natural and cultural environment for future generations, and economic development through land management. Ranger Services provide a wealth of knowledge and information to the communities of Scotland equipping folk with the tools to enjoy and understand the environment, sowing the seeds of the future, Scotlands Future.

Gavin Finbow

9:34 on 10 Nov 2017

Vital job taking care of the countryside and much more!

Katrina Robinson

23:46 on 09 Nov 2017

Countryside Rangers provide a vital function in educaton and conservation

John Lang Wilson

21:52 on 09 Nov 2017

I completely support this proposal. Rangers are essential for the natural and cultural heritage and health of our country and without them the country would be a poorer place. They work with people of all ages, abilities and ethnicities, getting people into the Countryside, providing environmental and cultural education and helping to protect Scotland for future generations

Michelle M

20:40 on 09 Nov 2017

For 7 years now i have struggled to gain full time employment with any ranger service. I have even gone back to university to study countryside management. But i know when i graduate that there's no guarantee that i can gain a job. Budget cuts have hit the ranger services hard. Support is needed!

Jo King

13:48 on 09 Nov 2017

Please support our Countryside Rangers, they are vital for so many services that include health and wellbeing, maintaining relationships with schools to encourage children to use outdoor space and looking after vital environmental greenspace as well as the wildlife in them.

Tracy Lambert

8:08 on 09 Nov 2017

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