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PE01665: Common law of blasphemy

People Communities

Petitioner: Mark McCabe


Closing Date for Online Petition: 26 July 2017

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to abolish the common law crimes of blasphemy, heresy and profanity to the extent that they remain law.

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Remove this symbol of pre-medieval oppression - an affront to the right of free expression.

William L E Henderson

16:28 on 19 Jul 2017

An affront to freedom of expression. Let's be rid of this pre-medieval oppresive legislation.

William Henderson

16:25 on 19 Jul 2017

Come on Scotland. You take the rights, privileges and monies from the EU, so about time you respected human rights, and that include the freedom of speech. Scrap the blasphemy laws and get Scotland into the human rights revaluation


19:31 on 12 Jul 2017

Which god were you meaning?

Ian Angles

22:10 on 11 Jul 2017

Only theocracies require blasphemy laws.

Iain Campbell

20:14 on 11 Jul 2017

Very important that these harmful laws removed.

Tim Puntis

8:02 on 11 Jul 2017

Blasphemy laws, even if rarely used retain the potential. They are reactionary and regressive and an affront to freedom of speech and conscience and thereby to democracy itself. Scotland, the home of the Enlightenment, should set the lead in enlightened and progressive legislation and end the capacity to prosecute for blasphemy.

Alistair Donald Charles Harley

14:45 on 07 Jul 2017

Pakistan has justified its treatment og atheist blogger on the basis of blasphemy laws in western countries.

Rosemary Dolan

14:19 on 05 Jul 2017

Shameful that Scotland has not done something about this stain on the legislature!

John Trainor

10:43 on 04 Jul 2017

This law serves no benefit in today's society.

Megan Crawford

23:07 on 03 Jul 2017

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