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PE01651: Prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal


Petitioner: Marion Brown on behalf of Recovery and Renewal


Closing Date for Online Petition: 10 May 2017

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to take action to appropriately recognise and effectively support individuals affected and harmed by prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal.

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This petition has been submitted on behalf of Recovery and Renewal independent self-help patient group in Scotland, to raise awareness of the plight of individuals in Scotland who are affected by dependence on and withdrawal from prescribed benzodiazepines and antidepressants – and specifically to ask the Scottish Government to support the BMA’s UK-wide call for action to provide timely and appropriate support for individuals affected.  Please do add your own comments if you wish to. 

Theres only one thing that needs to happen, first before anything else take away the power that allows psychiatrists to forcefully poison people, and after that happens, nothing anyone says to power over anyone with their opinions, poisons imaginings matters, that's the bottom line, all the argument ,all the despair, all the tears and all the sadness, cant be imposed on anyone, by anyone, everything else is an argument because of that, one law, every government in the world, gives these people, legislates that they can, thats got to go. and then when thats gone, every psychiatric facility in the world has to open turn, one of its three or four, your mad, Im gonna poison you wards, whether you want it or not, into a re education, withdrawal, recovery ward, first for the street drug psychosed their turning into lifetime neuroleptic junkies, when their not even supposed to have drugs for what they are suffering, from, for up to, ten days full sleeps, and only if they havent slept can they only be given sleepers, and of course for all the sad poor people they have traumatised and turned into debilitated drug addicts for their own profits and egos, but first thing first, take away the right to drug, and replace it with the right to refuse. end of story, because all the stories and all the arguments hinge off that happening.

John Mills

11:00 on 26 Apr 2017

I'd have a lifetime of things to comment as the damage has occurred over a period of more than half my life. The damage is organic in origin as in physical impairment and remains to this day as I fight to regain a life. I'd comment more but actually I'm to darn sick while going through the withdrawal from these, which I now refer to as toxic chemicals. How long before recognition and received help? Will it take as long as the thalidomide travesty did? This is more than equally as devastating and more than equally occurring in its numbers affected.

Kathryn Egan

22:46 on 25 Apr 2017

This is scandalous and barbaric. If this is modern healthcare you can keep it.

Mark Fisher

18:10 on 25 Apr 2017

I'm a psychotherapist working out of the Human Givens approach and often see people who are suffering from difficulties that could be directly attributed to the antidepressants they've been prescribed. Often they've been given the medication to help with difficulties in life, such as anxiety or bereavement or trauma. It is far more effective to help the person develop skills to work through these difficulties, or to resolve previous trauma than give pills which can disempower them. When they try and come off the pills, their symptoms reappear, so the GP ups the dose, rather than attributing the return of symptoms to withdrawal. Much more needs to be done and I hope the Scottish Parliament will look at more empowering and effective ways to deal with mental health problems as well as offering support to those who unwittingly find themselves in the grip of withdrawal. This is not a gripe against GPs who are overworked and have only 10 minutes and huge waiting lists for counselling services. If the pills actually work, why are there so many people with mental health problems?

Dorothy Baird

18:54 on 23 Apr 2017

crawl into the classroom.......so after spending a fortune of educating me and enabling me to become a teacher WHY through no fault of my own did I lose my marriage and was unable to truly fulfil my considerable potential. I was lucky enough to meet someone else who loved me and he has stood by me for 25 years as I have battled benzo addiction and since 2005 Anti-depressant addiction though I have not been clinically depressed since 2009. I was shockingly discriminated against by the police and the courts who illegally got hold of my medical records in 2010........a tale of woe indeed.......This must not blight another person's future...I class myself as lucky my brain does function,,,but how I mourn for what could have been.......Maybe I could have been a headteacher or a politician.......Benzo addiction does severely limit career options......I have never claimed any state benefits and have paid taxes for 35 years....WHY will the GP NHS or Pharma companies not even allow me a tapering kit, liquid medication to help with withdrawal let along informed advice and support. Thank God for all the wonderful signatories above........SME ( A subject matter expert through self educatation and 32 years of lived experience.........


16:15 on 23 Apr 2017

At 23 I had so much hope, I was from a working class background and the first child to go to University ( Exeter ) I also trained as a Teacher. The state funded my education. I went into teaching full of vision and hope. I also got married to my childhood sweetheart at the age of 20 having met him at sweet sixteen. After a year in teaching I got stressed because I was being bullied by my headteacher......also by 23 my Teacher husband was not quite so patient with this stressed individual. One day I had a full blown panic attack and went to the GP...he gave me some ' Tablets to take my headaches away' and muttered a condition called anxiety and depression....whoopee I was not going crazy this stress thing had a name....he also said I might benefit from talking to somone...This seemed an Excellent idea.......The someone was a consultant Psychiatrist...much older than me and oh so kind........but he too upped my headache tablets ( later I found it was Ativan ) and added some betablockers and anti-depressents....oh the heaven of the fog......I was able mutely to exist...did not talk much or have sex but hey....I even got away from the evil boss....so age 26....New job.....maybe wanting babies I tried to stop taking my headache tablets.......Oh No the panic attacks returned......I might be going crazy again....But the nice psychiatrist kept talking to me hell he even hugged me and told me he loved me oh and those headache tablets just kept a coming......Meanwhile my husband started to stand over me to make sure I took the Pill. He was not thinking about babies.....age 28 he abruptly left me and then divorced me on the grounds I quote persisted in the notion of being a mother despite being on Tranquiller Also more of MY unreasonable behaviour was due to the fact he was denied his conjugal rights .........My libido was out the door.........The kind Psychiatrists reaction to me being left an overnight tripling of the Ativan dose....which I have to fess did enable me to c


16:03 on 23 Apr 2017

I am 6 years antidepressant-free and 55 months benzo-free. Withdrawal symptoms continue to be physically and mentally unbearable and unrelenting. Whether the brain and CNS damage I have sustained is permanent is equivocal. I never imagined doctors would ruin my health and then turn their backs. I was first prescribed Ativan for IBS by a family doctor 27 years ago and was never warned about any dangers. After abruptly stopping this drug many times over two years, I had worsening and new unexplained symptoms. I was eventually sent to a psychiatrist, misdiagnosed with Depression and , prescribed Zoloft and clonazepam. I was lead to believe the drugs were correcting a chemical imbalance. When I learned I had Celiac Disease, I changed my diet, felt a bit better and decided to come off the drugs once and for all, Zoloft first. For two years, unmasked benzo withdrawal, tolerance and interdose withdrawal was misidentified by the psychiatrist as Zoloft withdrawal, until someone perceptive, in an online support community for AD withdrawal, asked if I was on a benzo. I started researching, raised the dose and symptoms reduced. It was a shocking revelation. I took the Ashton Manual to the psychiatrist expecting recognition and support with a taper and it was suggested I explore my anxiety. He stopped helping me. The dangers of benzodiazepines have been well-documented for 60 years! And we now know the same about antidepressants. Doctors, pharmacists, the medical community, policy makers, governing bodies, and governments have a moral responsibility to protect and help victims of this global iatrogenic medical disaster. Please, do what is right.

Sachi Yamabe

10:41 on 21 Apr 2017

This is a vital issue which needs to be addressed so that the use of these drugs and the unprecedented number of people taking them is not perpetuated by misunderstandings and re-prescribing for dependency. Medically Unexplained Symptoms is an unacceptable patient blaming exercise, for what has happened here and will only serve to exacerbate the number of people diagnosed with "mental illness - somatic disorders" whose symptoms can easily be explained as the effect of these drugs. This diagnosis needs to be removed as the convenient "excuse" it currently represents.

Pauline Dove

9:19 on 21 Apr 2017

I am pleased to see someone has taken the initiative here.

Margaret Stratton

21:20 on 19 Apr 2017

Coming off antidepressants gave me worse withdrawals than coming off diazepam. I found tapering just pro longed the withdrawals. I had to come off & go cold turkey as I developed tardive dystonia in my neck muscles after just 1 year of of taking several different antidepressants. I have been off them 8 weeks now & still getting terrible withdrawals. I wish I had never touched the them, they don't even work, in fact they made me worse.

Toni Harris

7:06 on 19 Apr 2017

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