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PE01646: Drinking water supplies in Scotland

Environment Energy

Petitioner: Caroline Hayes


Closing Date for Online Petition: 12 April 2017

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to i) review the role of the Drinking Water Quality Regulator and ii) commission independent research into the safety of the chloramination of drinking water.

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How confident are you that the Drinking Water Quality Regulator carries out its role effectively, not just testing for safety but ensuring that the water is pleasant to drink?

Do you agree that the safety of the chloramination process should be independently researched before being introduced in Scotland?

We are UNHAPPY with the water quality of Aviemore, especially now the taste is hidden by using ammonia. My husband is unable to drink tap water, his stomach gets upset. All the good bacteria left in his stomach will be even more destroyed by ammonia. Scottish Water is listening, but not HEARING wat we have to say in this valley. Please let NHS come in and be involved. We should treat what causes illness, not treat symptons which will stay and will cost us a lot of money. Chloramination is banned in most European countries, I am sure you are aware of that. Only UK and Spain use chloramination.

Karin Meyer

8:28 on 27 Mar 2017

The water has a terrible smell - some days what comes out of the tap smells like the swimming pool. Our dog will not drink the water we put down for her, and this has affected her other food which we used to add water to. The water is undrinkable without adding juice to give a bearable taste.

Geraldine Sircus

11:19 on 26 Mar 2017

The quality and taste of drinking water to my home has deteriorated significantly since the switch to water from a new pumping station at Aviemore. It has a smell and taste of chlorine on a regular basis and in order to mask this the authorities plan to add ammonia to the water. In a recent notice they have advised us that if we have pets we may wish to contact our local vet for advice and guidance. This is because like humans many animals have also displayed a similar distaste to the new water supply. This has include my own dog who has refused to drink it on regular occasions when the chemical content is all too clearly high. It distrurbs me greatly that the water company's response to complaints thus far has simply been to deny the concernes of the public, repeating their statement that the water is safe to drink. I attended a meeting with the company last year and was not satisfied by the response of the company representatives, including their science expert. Continuing to pump more chemical filled water down our pipes which used to carry a very different and better supply from Loch Einich cannot be acceptable for reasons of good taste, odour and most importantly for the health od those people and animals relying upon the supply from the Aviemore pumping station. I therefore support this petition.

Rex Sircus

11:12 on 26 Mar 2017

The water from my tap tastes aweful!

Joe lee

9:21 on 25 Mar 2017

It's high time that we raised the issue of water quality vs profit for the scottish water supply.

Iain Hayes

14:03 on 24 Mar 2017

Scottish water your day will come, you'd better have answers

John hogg

22:42 on 22 Mar 2017

The SW figures don't add up. I lived in Aberdeen for 40 years and never had a problem with limescale. Moved to Kingussie and it's a nightmare. Yet SW figures suggest the Aviemore supply has less limescale. Something isn't right. I do not need to elaborate on the skin condition I fell with as soon as I moved here. SW need to learn to listen to their customers.

Scott Secker

22:21 on 22 Mar 2017

Not only do we now have to buy bottled water as the taste is horrendous and I will not have my 2yr old drinking that many chemicals. But our skin has suffered also and if it's doing the same to our bodies as it's doing to the appliances in the house then heaven help us!

Claire Whyte

21:33 on 22 Mar 2017

I have lived in the area for 10 years. When the water suppl changed I became unable to drink the water as had constant stomach ache. I have a permanently itchy scalp and dry skin. I get really run down as if I have flu like symptoms when I drink the water with dark black shadows under my eyes, feel washed out and have to sleep.Never feel like this when I do not drink the water. I feel poisoned when I drink the water.

Mrs Julie Ann Pritchard

18:17 on 22 Mar 2017

Scottish Water have assured me my tap water is fine --- it tastes rotten -smells rotten and I firmly believe drinking the water is going to have a detrimental effect on health in the long term.

Sheila Mackay

15:37 on 22 Mar 2017

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