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PE01639: Enterprise Agency Boards

People Communities

Petitioner: Maureen Macmillan


Closing Date for Online Petition: 20 March 2017

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to reverse its decision to create a single Scotland-wide board for enterprise and skills and instead retain separate boards for each enterprise agency, including the Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

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Another nail in the coffin for locality, community, empowerment and self-determinism from this government.

Joan McEwen

10:41 on 18 Feb 2017

Here we go again! yet another centralisation project for this government where it is absolute in it's demand for control of everything in Scotland

Frank Winston

7:34 on 15 Feb 2017

It is absolutely imperative that the Highlands retains an independent voice and is not sucked into the determination to control every aspect of the nation from the central belt.

David Chiffers

21:10 on 12 Feb 2017

Hie has enabled me to locate my music studio business in the Isle of Lewis. Without their support and local expertise I would not be here. The challenges faced on the islands are complex and localised and a focus on overcoming these challenges is critical to the future of the islands. Hie brings that focus and anything that diminishes that could be incredibly detrimental to the islands.

Peter Fletcher

20:18 on 11 Feb 2017

The snp think that running everything from the central belt is better for the Highlands big mistake, The police are now one big mistake, The emergency call centres are another big mistake, So now thay think running are businesses from down the road is going to benefit us ? Another big mistake,

Gordon Ross

14:34 on 11 Feb 2017

We must stem this relentless drive towards a centralised Scotland. Government Scotland seems determined to centralise the country to such a degree that Scotland will end up resembling a large county, with one police force, one fire and rescue service, one education authority ... Scotland will have been reduced to Scotshire.

Cllr Dr Stephen Clackson

15:59 on 10 Feb 2017

Surely the SNP will heed this cross-party effort to halt further ruinous centralisation.

Alasdair Morrison

13:10 on 10 Feb 2017

We have had changes already that realy haven't worked, like Police Scotland, emergency call centres, However centralisinglass Funding for enterprises Will only result in even more money for the central belt, so it's completely outrageous to allow this to go forward in any shape or format.

Gordon Ross

10:18 on 10 Feb 2017

Keep the Highlands and Islands separate from the Central Belt.

Neil Macleod

19:34 on 09 Feb 2017

Each area has different requirements and different needs, Centralisation does not understand these and is uneconomical


19:27 on 09 Feb 2017

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