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PE01770: Improving Water Safety

People Communities

Petitioner: Margaret Spiers


Date Lodged: 18 December 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to work with all relevant bodies across Scotland to improve water safety by ensuring that:

  • All waterways have life-saving equipment such as lifebelts and buoyancy Throw Bags, with ropes, to allow multiple attempts at rescue; and
  • Tampering with water safety equipment is made a criminal offence of endangering public safety.


Petition History:

SPICe Briefing (128KB pdf) 


16 January 2020: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. It also agreed to write to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, Water Safety Scotland and the petitioner. Link to Official Report of Meeting 16 January 2020.

17 September 2020: The Committee agreed to write to COSLA and Police Scotland. Link to Official Report of Meeting 17 September 2020

9 December 2020: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 of Standing Orders on the basis that the Committee notes that legislation is currently in place which would support police action where equipment is removed or damaged, and the majority of the statutory requirements affecting Scottish inland and coastal waters come under the remit of local authorities. The Committee also agreed to write to the Cross Party Group on Accident Prevention and Safety Awareness and to all local authorities. Link to Official Report of Meeting 9 December 2020

Written Submissions

PE1770/A: Petitioner submission of 7 January 2020 (71KB pdf)

PE1770/B: Glasgow City Council submission of 8 January 2020 (71KB pdf)

PE1770/C: Water Safety Scotland submission of 6 February 2020 (68KB pdf)

PE1770/D: Scottish Government submission of 14 February 2020 (86KB pdf)

PE1770/E: Petitioner submission of 24 March 2020 (64KB pdf)

PE1770/F: Police Scotland submission of 7 October 2020 (10KB pdf)

PE1770/G: COSLA submission of 27 October 2020 (65KB pdf)

PE1770/H: Glasgow City Council submission of 26 November 2020 (11KB pdf)


We believe that we need to improve water safety and that these improvements will save lives.

Do you agree that:

  • All waterways should have life-saving equipment to allow multiple attempts at rescue?
  • All safety equipment should be visible and accessible?
  • Tampering with water safety equipment should be an offence of endangering public safety 


It could save the life of one of your loved ones

Angela Mckichan

18:56 on 04 Dec 2019

Saving lives

Colin hamilton

5:31 on 25 Nov 2019

Please support this petition and make our rivers, coasts, and waterways safer for all.

Mairi Robertson Carrey

20:06 on 22 Nov 2019

I fully support the 3 aims of this petition

Trevor John Robertson

18:36 on 21 Nov 2019

Do the right thing please

Lynne Muldoon

16:34 on 21 Nov 2019

Maintaining vital safety infrastructure is imperative to preventing needless loss of life. We also need to ensure that the infrastructure is respected and protected appropriately.

Mark kelly

13:16 on 21 Nov 2019

I agree with everything printed below.

Gillian Connelly

12:36 on 21 Nov 2019

Great idea equipment should be readily available and protected under law

Stuart Main

12:27 on 21 Nov 2019

Great Idea get it done........

Paul McCafferty

12:26 on 21 Nov 2019

Totally agree

Peter Stewart

12:23 on 21 Nov 2019

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