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PE01641: Future Independence Referendum

Parliament Government

Petitioner: David Robertson


Closing Date for Online Petition: 06 April 2017

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government not to seek a second independence referendum until after 2020.

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Do you agree that any further independence referendum should be delayed until Brexit negotiations are complete, to remove any uncertainty about what we might be leaving and where we might be going?

Would you prefer to see our elected representatives addressing the significant problems that already exist within Scotland (education, economy, NHS) before entering into another lengthy and potentially divisive campaign?

We do not need another divisive Referendum. We were told in 2014 that this was o once in a lifetime. The SNP are obsessed with only Independence at any cost and not doing the job they are paid for. Our country is in chaos and people are suffering daily while they pfaff around spending monies that should be used to help constituents. Shocking. People have shown that they do not want another Independence referendum.

Morag Brown

16:58 on 28 Mar 2017

How on earth is Scotland going to pay for all the benefits NHS education pensions etc. Without the help of the rest of the UK? Most of our factories are closed and there are very few jobs on offer for our young people.


9:20 on 28 Mar 2017

First Minister Sturgeon needs to do the day job before she has any thoughts of the second referendum. She talks a good game, but leads a country that poorly managed thanks to her policies.

Ann Alexander

17:12 on 26 Mar 2017

We live in a democracy, there should be no indenpendence referendum until 2024 at the earliest. Remember the 'once in a generation' statement from Sturgeon herself

Douglas Alexander

17:06 on 26 Mar 2017

One Flag, Four Nations, Three Hundred Years. Let's keep Britain Great by staying together.

Mark Pead

13:46 on 25 Mar 2017

Scotland has so many issues to be solved . Education , Police and economy , it is time the Scottish Government concentrated on the job they were elected to do .

Val Allan

9:29 on 25 Mar 2017

The People of Scotland voted in 2014 to remain in the United Kingdom, accepting the responsibilities as remaining a part of the union. personally I am against a hard Brexit but we should respect and accept the decisions made by the union we decided to stay in.

Danny Morrison

21:52 on 24 Mar 2017

I object to a referendum before Brexit negotiations are complete and on the basis the 2014 referendum was conclusive

Frank chalmers

21:44 on 24 Mar 2017

I object to a referendum before Brexit negotiations are complete and on the basis the 2014 referendum was conclusive

Alexandrina filshill

21:39 on 24 Mar 2017

I don't see the point of separating from the UK when two thirds of our exports go to the rest of the UK probably mostly to England. If in fact we could doing better on our own it is still not a reason for separation. The idea of a union like the UK is to support one another. there is strength in unity. I think the 1st Minister should work and support the UK parliament to get the best deal in the negotiations with Europe.

Jim Barclay

16:43 on 24 Mar 2017

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