Scottish Government Draft Budget

The Scottish Budget outlines how much money has been allocated to the Scottish Government and its associated departments and agencies, such as health boards or local authorities. You can use this tool to explore the proposed budget for . It lets you see how the budget has been allocated at different levels, for example by portfolio or at level 4, the most detailed level. It also allows you to compare this year’s proposed allocations to the previous year in both cash and real terms as a percentage change.

Further information is available in the following FSU Briefings:
Guide to the Scottish Budget – Subject Profile
Public Finance: A glossary of terms

About this years data

It should be noted that the total amount for the Scottish Government’s overall budget produced by this tool is affected by the way in which the data in the tool is constructed. The tool builds up from the lowest level of the budget (level 4). At this level (and level 3), specific grants to local authorities are shown in both the local government portfolio and the originating portfolio. This means that the total amounts shown in this tool are greater than the budget.

The actual total for Scottish Government TME is £38,048m

If you have any questions about the tool, or the budget, please contact SPICe at [email protected]

About the Visualisation

This tool is based on Bright Point’s visualisation of the 2013 US Federal Budget which was built using the D3 JavaScript library. The data used has been provided by the Scottish Government under the Open Government Licence (OGL) and is available on the Scottish Government Budget page on the Parliament's website.

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